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Long Term Friend Needed

Looking for long term friend to come and stay with me in South Africa - I have four homes and a farm with six race horses - I will look after you




We will come to Phuket for 2 weeks from march 10 to 24. Anyone want to hanging out on that days?

Fred& Jean

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looking for young asian for marriage

I am 55 years old living in spain . looking for young asian to become my husband after relationship.

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i am an italian bottom gay 62yo and i search a thai young man

hi i am an italian retired bottom passive gay 62yo and i want to settle forever in thailand: i search a thai top active male companion from 18 till 3o years old to live with me .he will receive a monthly salary.he will act as my husband, thus he must be a top active gay or a bisex guy.
please send profiles +photos to my email.
i am a serious guy.i have no economic problem is to find the right man for me!
i want a thai european or american.yes other asian
please convince me that you are the right man for me.
i am buddhist.
reply to my email, please.


Pattaya 20 December 2017 until 30 December

Good to have a young (18-30) Thai guy to chat with and to have for friend whilst in Pattaya and afterwards by email, etc Sex is not required, but nice if offered..

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Hello !!!
Looking for +18+Asian +18+ gay.
I will Visit in Thailand.
Greetings from Germany -Berlin.
All mine.
Gay m65/ 169 / strong.

Bear roggbraun

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