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Main Index >> Newsletters by Pan >> BBB Info: 70 Years of Sexual Truth

BBB Info: 70 Years of Sexual Truth

70 years ago, on January 31,1948, warp researcher Alfred Kinsey shook prudish America and the rest of the world. No, not with the love-life of wasps. He looked under the human bedspreads and published his book "The Sexual Behavior in the Human Male", now better known as Kinsey-Report.

For more than 10 years he interviewed 5,300 men of all ages, religions, income groups and education, from rural and urban areas of the USA. Among them were 25% (former) prisoners and 5% male prostitutes.

In merciless personal interviews, up to 500 questions had to be answered on all facets of ones sex life.

The results of his study hit the world like a bomb. Some celebrated the study as a revolution in sexual research. Others demonized it as Kinsey's perversion. First and foremost, his father. It took him decades until he finally answered the questionnaire credibly and accepted his son's fame. The 2005 movie "Kinsey" impressively describes this struggle between prejudice and enlightenment.

Officially, sexual intercourse took place only in marriage. The results of the Kinsey Report did not seem to fit into this society: Almost every man masturbates. More than half of the respondents are bisexual to a certain extent.

Without Alfred Kinsey there would not have been such a radical sexual revolution in the 1960s. We would still be light years away from the gay self-confidence and pride we live today.

But even 70 years after Kinsey, there are still countries, where gays are not accepted. If you live there just come to Bangkok. In BBB Inn you can always be yourself.

Click here and claim your freedom:

Thank you Alfred,

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Re: BBB Info: 70 Years of Sexual Truth

Yes, that was an eye gays still have problems in backward countries. Religion has to do with it too. Too bad.

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