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Main Index >> Newsletters by Pan >> BBB Info: Sensation in Pakistan

BBB Info: Sensation in Pakistan

The National Assembly of Pakistan set off a true revolution, at least for a Muslim state. Gays, lesbians and all those, who are not quite into Muslim morals, are often punished in these countries, at best outcast from society or hushed up.

Pakistan has passed a historic Transgender Rights Bill. The act allows citizens to choose their gender and to have that identity recognized on official documents. It also prohibits discrimination in places such as work, school and hospitals.

The activist Mehlab Jameel was involved in the deliberations on the law: "I was in a state of shock because I never thought something like this could happen within my own life in Pakistan. This kind of development is not only unprecedented in Pakistani history, but its one of the most progressive laws in the whole world."

As good as the new law in Pakistan is, there is no progress for gays, lesbians and bisexuals. They are still not free from discrimination. Homosexual acts can still be prosecuted based on British colonial law, as well as the Sharia. Fines, imprisonment and torture, theoretically even the death penalty, are still possible.

Also violence and exclusion against transgender persons is still a big problem in Pakistan. Human rights organisations speak of 57 murders since 2015.

With mixed feelings,

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Re: BBB Info: Sensation in Pakistan

I am happy for them, but they still have a long way to go, as they are a Muslim country. They don't care about gays.

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Re: BBB Info: Sensation in Pakistan

What you do in private, "stays in private" between you and your partner. No one can question authority then. No one in this world is above the law. Only God, Allah, Jehovah, Yahweh are the judge of many souls.

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Re: BBB Info: Sensation in Pakistan

some country was out of modern life. We must be careful.

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