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Main Index >> Newsletters by Pan >> BBB Info: Gender Illumination in Bangkok

BBB Info: Gender Illumination in Bangkok

The Museum Siam in Bangkok shows until September "Gender Illumination". The temporary exhibition displays more than two genders, equality and diversity. Examples are today's genderless rest rooms and Thailand's historical recognition of LGBT, tracing back to the Ayutthaya era.

The highlights of the presentation are about 50 personal items with a personal story behind them. A person's identity, cultivation, expression, acceptance and rejection: Overwhelming memories, heart-warming and bittersweet.

There is a sexy, red brassiere from a young boy chopped in half with a cleaver by his mom. A wreath bidding farewell to the man who promised him to become the first legal gay couple in Thailand.

See Thai LGBT periodicals laid on shelves. They include "Mithuna Junior", one of the first gay magazines in Thailand, first published in 1982.

Be part of the experience: Try out to wear hats, wigs, sunglasses, high heels, silicon bras, breast binders and more in front of a mirror.

Share your opinions: Would you approve of unisex rest rooms? Gay marriage? Title selection and acceptance of Thai LGBT children, parents and politicians?

Let us know as well:

Gender Illumination opens Tuesday through Sunday from 10:00 to 18:00 o'clock. Admission is free. More infos about Gender Illumination

Find your way easy from BBB Inn to the Museum Siam: Take the BTS to Sapan Thaksin and from there the ferry to the Yodpiman pier as shown here!

Amazing expo,

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Re: BBB Info: Gender Illumination in Bangkok

all people must be free for the kind of life they want. Merci pour toutes les informations que vous nous faites parvenir.

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Re: BBB Info: Gender Illumination in Bangkok

I miss Bangkok. Well, in America things have changed rather quickly under Barack Obama. This Trump is hated by most of America and the world. He was a TV reality star, but an idiot in The White House. Barack legalized gay marriage and we have many gays on TV. Ellen Degenerous (talk show) newscasters, singers, movie stars. My opinion, bathrooms better keep straight men away from straight women. I don't understand straight men, neither do women. Gay men and straight women would be ok. I think the women would prefer gay men and not straight men. I think BKK seems very gay accepting but, no gay marriage. That's not good. Hugs and kisses from America.

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Re: BBB Info: Gender Illumination in Bangkok

Awsome! Thank you for information about this. I sent to around the world. I wish I could go see it with my oldest Adult child who is Toransgender . I will be going thanks to you!

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