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Main Index >> Newsletters by Pan >> BBB Info: Thailand Fights Plastic

BBB Info: Thailand Fights Plastic

Thailand still uses 500,000,000 plastic bags. Per day! Plastic bottles, cups, straws, spoons and forks and of course those Styrofoam containers to bring food home: They all are only used one time. Then they are garbage.

It's time to reduce the plastic waste. Be aware.

First and easy steps:

- Bring your own bag, a backpack or cloth bag.

- For your coffee-to-go, juice or smoothy, bring your own re-usable cup.

- If you buy food, bring you own containers, to carry it home.

- Don't use plastic straws. In restaurants tell the waiter: No straw please. Otherwise he will throw the unused straw into the trash anyway. Some shops now sell straws made from glass, brass, stainless steel or bamboo. You can find them at the Patpong night market.

The next step:

- Buy whatever you can in a "Refill-Station". They sell for example shampoo, shower gel, soap, dish washer from industrial containers. You bring you own empty bottle. The same with dried food, spices, noodles...

One of the first Refill Station in town you can find at On Nut area. You can easy go there by BTS. The shop is open from 8:00 to 22:00 o'clock every day. Find your way from BBB Inn to the Refill Station here.

- When you shower at BBB Inn, don't throw your empty detergent bottles into the trash. Leave them on the washing counter. We will clean and reuse them.

- Be aware to use as little plastic as possible!

Do you have more ideas how to avoid plastic? Let us know here:

Living not plastic free but long time already plastic reduced,

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Re: BBB Info: Thailand Fights Plastic

It's so important to address the plastic issue. In America, the City sells you a big trash can sized recyclable container. You fill it and the City picks it up once a week. The plastic bags at the Supermarket, they collect them back and recycle them. Styrofoam is illegal where I live. Obama was the environmental President. This fat, old, piece of shit Prez only eats McDonalds, soda and doesn't care about the environment. He is the Devil. I love BKK. The air is very polluted. It's easy when leaders take the lead for clean air. Also, plastic ends up in the ocean and kills ocean life. It's not their fault. It's ours. I would love to come back to BKK and visit BBB Inn. Hugs, Michael

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Re: BBB Info: Thailand Fights Plastic

don,t forget condoms .....

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