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Main Index >> Thailand & Thai >> Political Peace for thaiand in 2009

Political Peace for thaiand in 2009

MY Wish for PEACE and understanding is this

2009 is going to be a most trying year for all of us as western economies shrink and slide into deeper recession .

But thailand because of having a few rebels that have incited defeated voters to rebel is going to continue suffering an even bigger and unecessary down turn of tourism in its history ,
the yellow shirted protesters need to MATURE and stop shooting the countrys better needs in the foot ,

and cease acting like petulant simpletons and as though they are in different country than the red shirts
,Those people that caused the airport shut downs need to wake up wise up and realise they were led by the nose by uncaring militants ,

they need to accept that the democratically elected government that is legal and in power has the right to elect its own leaders ,

if we in the western world acted in that childish way and attacked those whos political nominess did win power of government there would be utter mayhem ,

thats one reason WHY WE in the west have what we have ! STABIITY IN ELECTED GOVERNMENTS

I say Thai people GROW UP Wise Up and try and understand Democracry ,
That's the peace that I want to see in THailand . If not you will all be Back in poverty living off the scorched earth as you were before the 80s s ,

you are driving tourists away in droves ,and your economy is well on the road to end up a shattered Mess [Oops!]

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