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Pretty Smooth and tan well and good!

Pretty Smooth and tan well and good!
Pretty average guy here looking for something more than just a hook up.
Someone told me I had a good feeling. Trying to sell itself in a short time. Developed a friendship with. I am a good person and a good heart. I try to be the best I can, I like watching movies, theater, I was a spiritual exploration of different options, all in the spirit of my life.I am looking for someone to share. and enjoy some good times there and see what happens. I'm open to all different kinds of experience, and I'm always ready to meet new people im looking for someone who is honest. I am looking for a good love relationship and friendship, more long-term relationship! Here .....
Smooth and tan well and good! Very social and enjoy clubbing and party!
Like to travel and make new friends. Living in Bangkok,

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