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Looking forward to visit your Rooms & having a realy nice Massage

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I found the place very serene and relaxing. The massage is good and it is a decent place so they don't offer 'extras'. However, my friend's masseur took off his shirt ... but that was only him. I highly recommend sanctuary spa, and really look forward to going back again!

Excellent place and massage. In fact they now have two premises very close to each other but take their phone number with you as they can be hard to find first time but if you call when close - or lost - they are expert at finding you. You dont get to choose the massage boy but that is kinda fun besides they are all handsome. They stay clothed throughout the full service but they do give sex, but descretely. My boy got right to the point during the divine oil massage and wasted no time in unzipping and offering large piece of very hard manhood. A tip is a nice return gesture even though it is not asked for. Very nice place. Enjoy

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